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The Brazoria County Democratic Party organizes the party on a county-wide basis. We support all local, state and national Democratic candidates.

Mission Statement

As Democrats we seek for our county and hope for all people: individual freedom in the framework of a just society and political freedom in the framework of meaningful participation by all citizens. Toward that end, our mission as the Brazoria County Democratic Party is to promote Democratic ideals and values within our communities. We will achieve this mission through grassroots organizing efforts, education of the general public, and identifying and electing well qualified candidates through ethical campaign methods.

What It Means To Be A Democrat

You see us throughout your community: at work, at church, at the store, and at the ballpark. Democrats come from all walks of life, but we share core beliefs, and together we help shape a stronger America where every citizen has the means to succeed through our community values: Liberty, Equality, and Opportunity.

We believe in…

Individual Liberty

That faith and values are demonstrated by actions that provide hope for all people.

Those individual strengths in our diverse population benefit us all.

That individual rights and personal decisions deserve protection from government interference.

Quality Communities

That protecting the health of each individual guards the public health.

That creating a healthy environment is our duty.

That providing quality public education gives all people the opportunity to reach their potential.

“Opportunity for all, special privilege for none” throughout our communities

That stable jobs with livable wages are the cornerstone of family values.

That honest, hard work deserves a tax system that is fair.

That investing tax dollars is society’s way of providing things that benefit all people.

A stronger America that is

A respected member of the world community — morally, economically, and militarily.

A thrifty, conscientious steward free from burdensome debt.

A guardian of people and homes.
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