Become an Election Worker

What is Required to become an election worker?

• Be a registered voter in Brazoria County
• Have transportation
• Able to attend training in Angleton
• Able to work a 14-hour day
• Can not be: an elected official of any jurisdiction, a candidate on the ballot, or employed by or related within the second degree by blood or marriage to an opposed candidate on the ballot\


Please fill out the Election Worker Application below and hit submit.  Your application will be emailed to the Election Department for further review.

If you have worked in the past, you should complete this form again. This will ensure all your information is updated, and please put Kris McGarvey under how you heard about this.

Complete the form at

After you Apply

You will be contacted and must confirm.

You won’t be on the list if you do not confirm interest with Karen, Sheila Tepper, or Kris by phone or email. If you sign up and don’t hear from us, please assume we did not see it.

Email, and someone will get back to you. [email protected], [email protected]

or TEXT 409-939-8179

If you are on the list, we will do our best to get you scheduled, but ultimately your use of the Portal and availability determines how you are assigned.

About being an Election Worker

A typical election day starts with setting up the polling place at 6:00 AM, voting from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM, followed by about an hour of taking down the voting equipment and packing supplies.

Pay Rate

The pay rate is $12.00 per hour.

Handbook for Election Judges and Clerks

Early Voting October 24 Through November 4

All early voting Judges will be Republicans. We will be Alternate Judges but will be paid and scheduled as clerks – No Overtime.

You can request your selected days off.

Election Day is November 8. We will have 39 polling locations.

On days you work, you will work up to 12+ hours.

We will have at least one training session for the Portal.

There will be an updated election on the Portal; select current.

You will be receiving an emailed link for access from the Elections Office. (Respond within the time stated)

After you complete the Portal with your availability, email [email protected] so she can confirm your entry went through.

Have an email confirmation; do not call the office.

If she does not reply, Email

[email protected]

[email protected]

or TEXT 409-939-8179

All schedules will be on the portal once completed.

If you have limited availability, you may not work.

You may be used as a standby or fill-in, but to do so; you must attend a training class.

If you are only available at one polling location, you may not work as many hours as you want.

Please keep in mind if you have open availability, it does not mean you will be working those days. It only helps when scheduling begins.